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The city of Ragusa, built on a wide limestone hill between two valleys, is a real jewel and one of the most famous destinations in the Val di Noto: if you’re staying in one of our Southeastern Sicily villas, we heartily recommend that you pay a visit to this charming Baroque town, named among UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city had been nearly destroyed by an earthquake in 1693 and then rebuilt: this is why today you can admire some of the most amazing Baroque buildings of Italy, just walking through the streets of its old town, Ragusa Ibla. The medieval town planning has been followed during the reconstruction, the architectural style of Ragusa though changed completely, turning the medieval hamlet into one of the most fascinating examples of Sicilian baroque style.

Night panorma of Ragusa IblaNight panorma of Ragusa Ibla

Night panorma of Ragusa Ibla

Walking down the 250 steps into the beautiful Baroque city from Corso Italia, passing through Santa Maria delle Scale, to the public garden of Giardino Ibleo you’ll get to one of the most stunning views you could experience during your stay in Sicily, not to mention the night panorama overlooking the Baroque Duomo of San Giorgio. Simply magical!

In Ragusa, like anywhere else in Sicily, you’ll have the chance to taste one-of-a-kind dishes, coming from a thousand-years-old culinary tradition: the most typical products of Ragusa gastronomy are the “cuddura” bread and the local cheese, from the fresh and sweet ones to the seasoned, among them the most known is the Caciocavallo Ragusano DOP. You can get a taste of Ragusa’s cuisine stopping by any of the many restaurants and trattorias around the town.

Charming narrow lanes and alleys, beautiful baroque buildings, ancient stairways: there’s always some hidden treasure around the corner! Be sure to wear your most comfortable shoes, because you’ll want to walk up and down the roads and discover each and every one of them. Don’t miss a thing of this little gem, explore it and most of all enjoy it!