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The charming medieval hamlet of Gangi (in the area of Palermo), is located in the very heart of the Madonie mountains. The town is one of the jewels you’ll have the chance to discover exploring Sicily’s inland, and has been recently awarded as the most beautiful hamlet in Italy. In late July the town will be hosting once again a folkloristic historic reenactment that will bring ancient traditions, flavours and charms back on its narrow characteristic streets: this is Memories and Traditions, whose third edition will be held on July 26 and 27.

During this peculiar fest you’ll witness the evolution of the town during the late years of 18th century and the early years of 1900s. You’ll discover, through a carefully studied itinerary, the old traditions passed on from father to son and from mother to daughter, in a journey that will disclose before your eyes the history of the town. The people of Gangi will be actively involved, playing as actors and contributing to recreate the authentic atmosphere of the turn of a century, through characters and figures from an era in which life in the community was regulated by the work in the fields.

Gangi. source:

Gangi. source:

The most characteristic and evocative sceneries and situations will be then reenacted before your eyes:: the work in the fields, the joyful children playing traditional street games, the buskers singing their songs, along with rhymes, proverbs and stories, the daily routine, the rituals and, of course, the gastronomy.

The event will take place in  the areas between the magnificent castle of Ventimiglia, the beautiful church of Madonna della Catena and Gangi main square. You’ll be then directly invited to taste some of the specialties of the area, cooked following the original recipes and preparation methods. A chance you cannot miss to really live the true Sicilian spirit.

If you’re staying in one of our villas with pool you’ll surely be within reach of the town: for more detailed information on the area though we recommend you consult our Sicily Guide.