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Pool villa

Holidays aren’t always as expected, are they? Some places let you down, others are true revelations. The same can be said for the accommodations, and we know how choosing the solution that best feet your needs matters. This is why the choice of the right villa in Sicily should be the starting point of your holiday planning.

The first choice you should make is beach or countryside? Sicily is famous for its beaches, among the most beautiful of the world, for its crystal-clear sea: a villa on the beach is the perfect choice for the ones who don’t want to give up any comfort and have the sea within easy reach.

Once you get on the island though you’ll discover its fascinating countryside: driving across Sicily’s inland you’ll feel like you’re driving across Tuscany. A villa in the countryside will give you privacy and a relaxing atmosphere, along with the chance of visiting wineries and vineyards.

Once you’ve decided what’s the right location for your stay, is time to choose what kind of accommodation you’re looking for. A lot depends on who you’re traveling with and how many persons the villa should accommodate. Whether you’re on a holiday with your family, friends or on a romantic getaway, our suggestion to make the best out of your stay is booking a villa with pool: this could be what make a difference between a simple accommodation and a place where to enjoy the most relaxing holiday of your life.