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San Vito Lo Capo is a small town on the Northwestern point of Sicily, located in a valley between spectacular mountains. It’s well known all over the world for its Cous Cous Festival and, recently, for the International Kite Festival. The fest gathers professional kiters and amateurs, ready to fly colourful kites in Sicily’s sky.


This traditional Spring edition will be the 6th of the festival, and attending to the event will surely be once again a fascinating experience: acrobatic kiters coming from all over the world will join the Tricks Battle competition, and the night sky will be lighted up by pyrotechnical kites. The International Kite Festival in San Vito Lo Capo opens on May 21 and will go on until May 25. The program has a packed schedule starting everyday at 11 AM.

The Kite Festival though isn’t the only reason to visit San Vito in May. Take a look at our villas in Western Sicily, and then plan your stay: you may come for the festival but you want to stay for the magnificent beach, that will be quite a sight in the next few weeks, and for the food of course. Even if Cous Cous Festival will be still a couple of weeks away, you’ll have the chance to taste San Vito’s most typical dish in most of the restaurants and trattorias in town that regularly serve it. Our recommendation, anyway, is not to miss any of the delights of this particular region, and that’s why we suggest you to consult our quick guide to Western Sicily delicacies.

If you’re spending more than just a few days in the area you could surely use some hints and suggestions on itineraries, spots and sights you don’t want to miss. Take a look at our Sicily Guide for more detailed informations!