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Many conquerors have made of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, the beautifully uneven city that it is today, and among these the Arabs. The Qanat are a great engineering work, created when the island was under Arab dominion: it’s an ancient water channels systems that developes through Palermo’s underground in the area of Altarello, in Micciulla bottom, downstream Gabriele springs.

A view of the Qanat channels

A view of the Qanat channels

Palermo Cultour organizes guided tours to the tunnels, or at least for the most part: you’ll find yourself half plunged in water, accompanied by the speleologists of Cai (the Italian Alpine Club), who provide their equipment made of boots, helmets and climbing harness. The most ancient tunnels, which today are no longer completely submerged, are excavated at 26ft from the ground level, while the most recent ones are excavated in the quarzenite rock at 52ft from the ground level.

You will be amazed discovering this so-called “subterranean cathedral”, all carved in stone and made of lairs that intersect themselves, thus creating a fascinating and unreal landscape, and then the Scirocco Room, which has an air-conditioning system cooled by the flow of water and wind.

To be best prepared for this exciting and unusual tour, we suggest you dress very comfortably in your sport clothes and bring a change with you (expect to come out from the vist with the bottom of your legs completely soaked up, so you’ll want to change your pants after). If you are an adevnturous tourist, you just can’t miss this tour!

The next tour avaliable will be on Friday, June 20th 2014, and many more are to come. To stay up to date with the tour, make a reservation, or if you just want more informations about the Qanat guided visits and other tours, you can visit the official website of Palermo CulTour here.

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