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According to a lot of our guests Southeastern Sicily is the most fascinating region in the whole island and well, we can’t blame them: surely it has some of the most captivating sights, just think about Noto, Ragusa and their baroque architectures, about Syracuse and its Greek Theatre, about the unique town of Modica. And then the beaches, the natural reserves. This is a place that leaves an everlasting memory in all of those who come visit it. If you hadn’t got the chance to spend some time there already, we suggest you do it the on your next holiday in Sicily; you might also use a look to our Sicily Guide to better plan your visit.


These days though naturalistic beauty and architectural wonders are not the only reasons for a trip to the far South of Sicily. If you’re enjoying your stay in one of our villas nearby you have the chance to take part in a traditional country festival that will have tomatoes as guests of honor. We are talking about the Sagra del Pomodoro (Tomato Country Festival) that will be held in Sampieri from today to May 4. Sampieri is a delightful hamlet on the Southern coast, just a few miles away from Pachino, the worldly-famous city of cherry tomatoes known indeed as Tomatoes of Pachino.

During the next few days then you’ll be able to taste some of the most typical sicilian food, and savour its authentic flavour. Furthermore Sampieri itself is a unique location for an event like this: its beach is one of the longest and most beautiful of the whole island and these days the weather is already mild enough to take a swim. If you don’t feel like it then you can also enjoy a trip to the baroque town of Scicli, that can be reached easily in a few minutes by car, or choose between the others cities in Noto Valley. We are sure it will be a great experience!