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Far from beach-life, far from the hustle of Palermo, far from everything there is an unexplored and rural Sicily to discover. It’s central Sicily.

Enjoy a unique experience, rent one of the most beautiful villas of Central Sicily.

A pleasant landscape made of brown, green and yellow hills where plenty of typical products (from wine to olives, but mainly grains) are grown, countryside manor farms, wide cultivated lands and lush forests: central Sicily is and has always been a rural area, the most important of the island (it was known as the granary for the Roman Empire).
Travellers often don’t care for the Sicilian inland: the bright and colourful seaside surely looks much more attractive compared with the yellowish hills of the countryside, crossed by ancient farmers’ streets, and the well-known lively character of Sicily seems to be replaced by some sort of drowsiness.

But far from being dull or uninteresting, central Sicily is really worth discovering for all those who are looking forward to learning as much as they can about the most ancient traditions of the island: “confraternite”, Medieval brotherhoods, are still highly regarded and respected in the two main cities, Enna and Caltanissetta, and have been entrusted with the organisation of the majestic celebrations of the Holy Week for centuries.
The peaceful and pleasant landscape of Sicilian inland is best enjoyed from the castle of Enna – the city is also known as “Sicilian navel” for its central position, as well as “Sicilian belvedere”: being the highest city in Sicily (and in Italy), it provides a stunning panorama that goes from the south-western territory until the seashore of Agrigento to the eastern countryside up until Mt. Etna.

Ancient traditions, pleasant panoramas and noteworthy cities are not the only reasons why you should consider central Sicily during your holiday. South of Enna, behind the mythological Pergusa lake, a marvellous UNESCO World Heritage site is set: it’s the Villa Romana del Casale, an ancient noble Roman estate, whose mosaics are absolutely jaw-dropping.