Gusto & Cultura

In Sicily, taste is a culture.

Every Gusto tells a story

A flavour of something we’ve tasted, or perhaps just the aroma of a particular food or drink, is a powerful memory for anyone, especially for travellers. It can bring you back to places you’ve visited, remind you of people you’ve met. But every flavour also has its own story to tell, a story about its land, about the culture and people who’ve created that particular dish or drink.
Sicilian wine always tells a story. It tells you of the region it comes from, the environment and the very plot of land where its grapes have been grown, and then of all the people, from the farmer to the owner of the winery, and of their work. Every single bottle bears within the most authentic spirit of Sicily, its people and its flavours. This is why we’ve decided to talk about wine to introduce you to Gusto & Cultura, that will guide you through wine and food itineraries, will give you suggestions and help you discover the history and the stories behind some of the worldly famous Sicilian products.

Cooking Courses in Sicily

Sicilian Cuisine……
colorful, intense, imaginative, and overall exquisite!

Cooking and Enjoying the Sicilian Way
We offer you a wonderful selection of Sicilian Cooking Courses in different parts of the island. We recommend that you book early for these courses are only available on a limited basis. (Registration must be finalized at least one week before the desired date.) The cooking courses can also be reserved independently from the accommodation booking.

Traditional Desserts of Palermo


The pasticceria (pastries) of Palermo are based on a long history that has been influenced by ancient religious traditions as well as a combination of Arabic and North European cultures. Pasticceria siciliana is a true art and an expression of the diversity of Sicily…….. read more and book!

Sfizi cazzilli e panelli: homemade and street food

cooking course

Guided our cook Giana, you will learn the “secrets” of the Sicilian cuisine. The focus is not only on the dishes but also builds a link to the island’s history as well as anecdotes, and interesting stories…….. read more and book!


All Aboard! The Cuisine of the Sicilian Fishermen

cooking course1
Together with Giana you will discover the secrets of the cucina casalinga siciliana – Sicilian housewife cuisine. The focus is not only on the dishes but also builds a link to the island’s history as well as anecdotes, and interesting stories…….. read more and book!

Dolce and Salato in the City of Saint Agatha

The traditional dishes of Catania are influenced by the seafood as well as the mountains. Our cooking course begins with a visit to the fish market of Catania…….. read more and book!

Tradition and Gourmet in Taormina

cooking course2
Our venue for this gourmet cooking course is a villa from the 18th century…….. read more and book!

A Day on Mount Etna Between Trekking and Cooking

cooking course3
Signora Ornella, the embodiment of Made-in-Sicily cuisine and an excursion to the volcano Mount Etna afterwards…….. read more and book!

Three Women and a Wine Cellar

cooking course4
In the midst of untouched nature in the Vendicari Nature Reserve you’ll cook with three women from the Paternó Wine Cellar, followed by a wine tasting…….. read more and book!

Creating Pasta with your Hands

cooking course5
In an traditional farmhouse in Ragusa, surrounded by centuries-old olive and baobab trees, Enza will introduce you to the creation of pasta and cookies…….. read more and book!

A Culinary Journey with the Head Chef through the Vineyards of Etna

The area surrounding the volcano Mount Etna contains many different flavors to sample. The eruptions, going back thousands of years, have lent a special character to the area…….. read more and book!

At the Market of Ortigia with a Head Chef

Together with our head chef, you will visit the colorful market in Ortigia and cook in an ancient monastery in the heart of Ortigia…….. read more and book!

Cooking the Sicilian Way for Children

cooking course6
The children are the stars of this cooking course in Sicily…….. read more and book!

The Pearl of the Mediterranean is waiting to delight you!