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As one of the most tasteful and famous main courses of Sicily, “Pasta con le Sarde” (Pasta chi sardi in local dialect) is a flavoursome recipe you’ll be able to taste in any restaurant all over the island. Together with sardines, common oily fish of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s the wild fennel that provides the unique and peculiar flavour of this recipe: as it is usually found in the Sicilian countryside from March to September (the same period during which fresh sardines can be found at sea markets all over the island), that’s the best period to taste pasta with sardines indeed.

Pasta con le sarde Sicily

Pasta con le sarde, typical Sicilian recipe – Image from

However, if you’re looking forward to engaging in local cuisine just like Sicilians do during your holiday in one of our Sicily villas, here’s the recipe of Pasta con le Sarde!

“Bucatini” pasta – 600gr.
Sardines – 800gr.
Wild fennel – 4 bunches
Raisins – 1 spoon
Pine nuts – 1 teaspoon
Saffron – 1 sachet
In-oil anchovies – 4
Almonds – 2 spoons
Onion – 1

Wash and clean the fish by removing their heads and fishbones, then go on preparing all ingredients: clean the wild fennel and remove its hardest parts, then place it in a pot filled with water (you’ll be cooking the pasta here afterwards) and let it boil for about half an hour. Drain it and grind them thinly. Now sear the sardines in a pan with olive oil for two minutes and then drain them as well.
Take another pan with olive oil and warm up (low fire) the onion together with anchovies, wild fennel, raisins and pine nuts; add a spoonful of the water you used to boil the wild fennel and the saffron, keep blending and add some salt if required.
Now it’s time for breadcrumbs: put them in a pan and let them brown for a few minutes, then turn off the fire and add a few drops of olive oil. Now you’re ready to cook the pasta: don’t forget to use the same cooking water of wild fennel (add some more water if required). Turn off the fire and drain the pasta when it’s still al dente, then mix it with the seasoning, blend thoroughly and add the breadcrumbs. 

Buon appetito!