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Spring is about to start, and a warm sun shines in the blue sky of Sicily: as spring and summer are approaching, the Italian Environmental Association (FAI) organizes an interesting annual event taking place on March 22nd and 23rd, the “Spring days“, aimed at opening plenty of often-inaccessible beautiful historical, naturalistic and archaeological sites to the public.

Spring days Sicily

Spring days in Sicily: a map with all the destinations available – image via

The number of open museums, libraries, palaces, castles, hamlets, towers, archaeological sites opening for the occasion keeps on growing every year, along with the “apprentice guides” entrusted with the guidance of visitors through the sites. Tourists and locals look forward to this cultural and interesting week-end, and if you are staying in Sicily so should you!

If you are a guest in one of our western Sicily villas during the weekend, you shouldn’t miss the monumental complex of Santa Maria della Grotta in Marsala, with its ancient religious architectures dating back to the ancient Greece, or the church of Santa Maria della Purificazione and Albergo delle Povere in Palermo, not far from the Norman Palace.

If you decided to spend your holiday on the opposite side of the island you’ll have the chance to visit an area of the world-famous Neapolis archaeological park of Syracuse that is usually closed to tourists: it’s the complex of “latomie” (stone caves) that goes from the tomb of Archimede to the Roman amphitheatre. On the other hand, if you’re staying in the area of Catania, you’ll have the chance to visit the current seat of the Philosophy school of the University of Catania, the former Benedectine Monastery, with its remarkable cross-century architectural heritage.

Make sure you check timetables and see the whole list here .

Happy spring to you!