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South-eastern Sicily delicacies

Let yourself be captivated by the tastes of southeast Sicily. The fruits of the Sicilian countryside, the chocolate of Modica, the tomatoes from Pachino, the pasta with sardines, the eggplants, the Sicilian granita, and all of the other tastes of Sicily are waiting for you.

Carob, olive and almond groves, vineyards, citrus plantations and more.

The Hyblaean Mountains and the whole countryside of south-eastern Sicily are rich in cultivated lands producing delicious typical products, key ingredients of the most tasteful local recipes.

Sicilian cuisine has a worldwide-famous appeal thanks to the genuine products that this prosperous sun-drenched land provides, as well as to the culinary legacy that the island inherited from the previous dominations.

One of the most interesting examples of this invaluable legacy is the chocolate from Modica, whose manufacturing process is cold and excludes conching.

This procedure was brought to the city by the Spanish people during their dominations in Sicily (16th Century).

They had learned the recipe from the Aztech people in the first place – in fact, a similar processing of chocolate is still performed in Mexico and Guatemala.

The unique, delicious flavour of this mouth-drying chocolate is due to the simplicity of its production, as well as to its peculiar texture and crumbliness.

Not to mention the absence of vegetable fat, milk or any other ingredient whatsoever.

Modica chocolate is often flavoured with the most typical products of the Sicilian cooking culture, from pistachios to chili pepper, from almonds to ginger and yasmine – and much more.

A taste is absolutely mandatory!

The most common and famous courses of this area enhance the genuinity and freshness of local products.

Sea bass, swordfish, tuna, grouper and lobster are the most common fishes of this corner of Sicily.

You’ll find them as a seasoning for pasta or as a main course, often cooked with the sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes from sunny Pachino, as well as with pistachio- or almond-based sauces.

Key ingredients include capers, olives, tomatoes and wild fennel – which gives to “pasta con le sarde” (pasta with sardines), one of the most famous recipes of Sicily, its peculiar and well-known flavour.

Most common vegetables include peppers and eggplants (the local “caponata di melanzane” is nothing but legendary).

The area of Syracuse is particularly renowned for its production of sweets and desserts.

Together with the worldwide-famous cassata and cannoli, most desserts (just as “baroque” as local architecture!) are made with almonds, short crust pastry, candied and dried fruits and ricotta cheese.

During the warmest months of the year you can freshen up with a glass of “granita”: the most common flavours in south-eastern Sicily are coffee, lemon and almond.

The south-eastern countryside is the land of cheese, olive oil and – of course – wine: Avola is the hometown of the worldwide-famous Nero D’Avola, and plenty of white, red and sweet wines are produced by little cellars whose fame crosses borders and reaches almost every corner of the world.

Such a sunny and warm land also provides plenty of juicy fruits.

Perfect for quenching the thirst in summer: loads and loads of citrus fruits are harvested in the area of Syracuse, from lemons to the typical Sicilian blood orange, as well as watermelons and strawberries in the Cassibile Reserve and the prickly pear, which can be found almost everywhere in the area.