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Syracuse and surroundings

Sicily is home to some of the most beautiful villas, and Syracuse is a great place to start exploring the island’s rich history.

The archaeological park in Syracuse is a must-visit, with its impressive Greek theatre and stone quarries that were once used as prisons.

The Ear of Dionysius, part of the Latomia del Paradiso system, is a particularly fascinating landmark, known for its incredible acoustics that allowed the tyrant Dionysius to eavesdrop on prisoners.

The park is also home to a variety of trees and plants, including olive groves, citrus trees, and myrtle.

For a deeper dive into Syracuse’s history, head to the Museo archeologico Paolo Orsi, located in Villa Landolina.

The museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts dating back to prehistoric times, as well as from the Greek and Roman eras.

Syracuse and surroundings, Ortigia, a historic district in Syracuse, is another must-visit destination,firstly the district boasts a mix of architectural styles, including Greek, Roman, and Baroque.

The limestone buildings in Ortigia reflect the sunlight beautifully, and a walk through the district’s ancient streets is a truly enchanting experience.

The seaside promenade that surrounds Ortigia offers stunning views of the port and the Plemmirio Protected Marine Area, which is a popular spot for diving.

Don’t miss the Fountains of Arethusa, a lovely stretch of water with papyrus plants at its center.